Monday, October 3, 2016

Charles Darwin not only impacted the world with his scientific research and books, but also by his character.  By the many different obituaries and writings after his death, it is obvious to see that colleges not only respected him as a professional, but also they respected his character.  Huxley writes about Darwin’s generosity, cheerfulness, and other aspects of his character like his determination and absolute honesty. Darwin had a great number of well respected people of the time at his funeral, and those who were not able to attend, apologized and gave their reasoning.
Darwin was obviously well respected, which makes me consider the discussion on which qualities make a good scientist.  I would argue, that a good scientist, has to have the character trait, of honesty, that Huxley described Darwin having.  Being “passionately honest” probably allowed Darwin to work so well with other people, and helped in his teaching of others.  Most people can tell when a someone is being honest, and I believe this must have helped the Darwin in his career.

I read an obituary of George Washington Carver after reading the different writings on Darwin. There was a difference in the style between the two.  Carver, being a minority in the science field, most definitely faced racial challenges, which could be seen in the obituary.  It did credit Carver and highlighted his accomplishments, but I very much would have like to see what his obituary would have looked like, had it been written today.

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