Monday, September 12, 2016

Blog 2

Continuing with the reading of Franklin’s autobiography, I could see the slight shift in Franklin’s writing style. He was slightly more formal, which makes sense due to when he wrote the second part and the time difference between writing. One thing that really struck me in reading this were the contributions that Franklin made to society with his inventions among other things. He proposed changes in street design, street lamp changes, improving of the stove that he did not patent, and too many other things to list.  It is surprising to read all this and only really knowing of the electricity experiment before. It made me think about how different employments were looked at back then. Franklin jumped between so many different jobs and opportunities, and in todays world, that seems to happen significantly less. I know this may be something that only someone like Franklin could do, but it seems as though it was more accepted. Franklin helped shape and influence many of the political moves that were done at that time, along with all of the other innovations. Had Franklin not had the intense moral code that he stood by, he could have taken advantage of his influence and discussion ability to better himself instead of the people and the development of the country could have changed dramatically. v

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