Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blog 3

In the appendix, Franklin writes about his lighting and kite experiment. In previous chapters, Franklin wrote that he wouldn’t explain the experiments because they were recorded in history of electricity. I found this to be a little bit arrogant, even if it is true. Even if Franklin was confident that it would be recorded in history, I feel like he could have worded the avoidance of talking about it different. I would have said it was a story all its own rather than the over confidence that I felt he portrayed. However, Franklin did talk about his experiment in the appendix which makes the previous statement seem a little less cocky. I also noticed that in this section he talked about some life lessons he gathered over his life. Franklin talks about overspending, not holding his head too high as well as other one line lessons. I believe that this section was targeted more toward his children again. I think that Franklin was trying to include some important lessons he did not include in the second part because the second part was not directly written for his children, and he was trying to return to the writing for his children.

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